Ascent UAV fleet consists of all multirotor aircraft. We use quadcopters(4) for pilot and crew training and our hex-copters(6) for providing services.

  • DJI Phantom
    • The Phantom is used for training our students, or shooting video from high above. Flight times are between 15-20 minutes!


  • RK JayHawk 450mm
    • The RK 450 is another of our training aircraft. It is a great training platform!

      {Picture to Come}

  • RK Phoenix 680mm
    • We use the Phoenix in combination with GoPro series camera’s for aerial video work. The Phoenix also can stay airborne for extended periods of time > *40 minutes!


  • RK Falcon 695mm
    • Our Falcon drone is our workhorse! It is equipped with either a 3-D stabilization gimbal that carries a GoPro series camera OR a 2-D gimbal with a Mirror less DLSR Camera. Also has navigation lighting allowing us to work at higher altitudes. Its working time is around 15 minutes per flight.


  • RK Raptor NG 1000mm
    • The Raptor is our heavy hauler. I can carry full sized Digital SLR camera’s, movie camera’s, and specialty payloads such as communications transceivers, sensor arrays, etc!
      It can carry up to 4kg of payload.