Ascent UAV has the expertise, knowledge and equipment to provide complete engineering services for your UAV. Out team has over 30 years of electronic, robotic and aviation experience, so you can be sure our work is done right!

We have in-house CNC milling machine, 3D printing, electronic circuit manufacturing, and low rate production capabilities.

Phantom Fixed Labour Rate Repairs

Has your Phantom had a serious case of SPLAT (SPontainous Loss of AlTitude)? Ascent UAV can repair, tune and test your Phantom in as little as *3 days. Ascent stocks the most common parts for your Phantom.

  1. Pay the flat rate fee here,
  2. You ship your damaged Phantom to us,
  3. We diagnose the issue(s),
  4. Contact you with the findings and part cost(s),
  5. We fix it, tune it (if required) and test fly your Phantom (send you pictures of your Phantom flying),
  6. We generate the repair and testing report on your Phantom,
  7. Your Phantom is then returned to you (return shipping included in price), fixed up and ready for you to fly!


Something other than a Phantom needs repair?

Your UAV / Drone has SPLAT(ed) and in need of serious TLC, Ascent has the expertise for you also. Our principle, Nelson cut his flesh on Ardupilot and the Tarot(c) 680 Ironman hex! We can repair electronics, carbon fibre, fibre glass and mechanical components. Not only do we have a large selection of in stock parts, we have the expertise to troubleshoot to component level. We don’t just swap out parts!


Custom Building Services

Just when an off the shelf UAV will just not do! Ascent UAV has built many multicopter UAV’s, up to 2000mm hub span! We can build, using kits, OR custom design / build a UAV from raw materials OR a combination of both. Once your custom UAV is built, we tune the power plants (dynamic balancing, power output), weigh and balance your new UAV, complete testing of all functions and a few test flights!

Ascent UAV can also design and build custom electronic sub systems for your UAV!

Give us a call with your idea’s and dreams… Engineering your Imagination into Flight!!!


Modifications and Tuning

Looking to improve positional hold of your Phantom? Want to increase the flight time? Want to increase the gross thrust? Ascent UAV can do that by using a combination of newer, more efficient electronics and motors, balancing the spinning components, determining and moving the centre of gravity (CofG) into its proper position, proper damping of vibrations and other tricks we have learned.

When we receive your UAV, we preform a set of tests to get a baseline set of properties such as vibration in 3- axis, total thrust, and other parameters. We then determine the best approach to reach your desired goal(s), modify and tune your UAV, retest using the baseline values and generate a report to demonstrate the improvements.

This all adds up to a more stable, longer, and more efficient flying UAV.  

Contact Us, tell us what you would like to do!

*3 Day turn around is based on having the parts available in our inventory to make the repair. If we need to order parts, it normally takes 7-10 working days to complete. We will contact you if we cannot return in our normal service time!