Aerial Video and Photo Frequently Asked Questions:

Drone FAQ

Q: Do you carry insurance for your operations?

A: Yes, we carry liability insurance should the unexpected happen.

Q: Are you legally allowed to fly?

A: Yes. Ascent UAV has a ‘Blanket SFOC’ for most operations within the boarders of British Columbia, Canada. We would need to do a site survey to determine if our SFOC is in effect.

Q: What kinds of camera’s do you have to use on my job?

A: Ascent UAV has the following; 2K HD digital video camera’s, Sony Zoom HD Still and Video, Nikon UHD Still and Video, Near Infra Red, * Thermal¬†Imager.

Q: Can you fly indoors?

A: Yes. We often fly indoors and can safely fly thru larger doorways as well.

Q: Can you fly my/our camera on your drone?

A: Most likely, the answer is yes. There are size constraints to be considered, but most cameras can be flown using the right airframe and gimbal combination.

Q: What happens if a motor fails or stops?

A: The reason we fly hexacopter and octocopter airframes is mostly due to redundancy offered by having 6 or more motors. If any motor were to fail in flight, the craft would continue to fly controllably and without incident. Our UAV’s also carry a parachute recovery system!

Q: I have my own drone and or other aerial equipment, can I hire you to fly it?

A: Most of the time yes. Your gear must be of good quality, in good functional condition and properly assembled. We will need to inspect your equipment and make sure it meets both our and Transport Canada’s requirements.