Why use a UAV?

Benefits of using a UAV.

There are many benefits to using a UAV over conventional methods.  Below are a few reasons why you might want to contact us.

Green.  All our UAV’s are battery powered, therefore leaving no environmental footprint from any work performed.

Quiet.  Imagine a large dragonfly.  Now take that same dragonfly and go up to 300′ above ground.  Unlike the noise of a plane or helicopter, a UAV is much quieter.

Small.  We have the ability to go places planes or helicopters can not.  That said, we can get much closer to our subject, allowing for high quality imagery or video.

Safe.  No need for employees to get into unsafe situations just to inspect structures or buildings.  We can hover at a safe distance at a fraction of the cost while protecting the safety of everyone around.

Quick.  We can be mobilized and ready to launch within minutes of setting up, saving you time and money.